Rethink our Food!

On its first edition, GreenFest will be themed around rethinking our food, featuring three breakout workshop sessions – Grow, Eat and Dispose.

Greenfest by Hysan

GreenFest by Hysan is an annual event to engage and inspire our new generations to take positive action towards a more sustainable future. The event calls young people and top change-makers from across Hong Kong to immerse themselves in a different sustainability-related topic each year.

Festival Workshops

Over the weekend GreenFest’s activities are aligned with the main phases of our food system and its life cycle, from farm to dinner table to waste. 
These workshops and activities provide participants with the hands-on opportunity to rethink how we currently grow, consume and dispose our food.

Inspiring youth
to shape the next generation’s
food revolution !

Festival highlights

Across the weekend of GreenFest we will be hosting lots of exciting workshops
Be sure to check out the full schedule!

Urban Farming

Take your first steps into the world of Urban Farming 38 floors above ground level in the heart of Hong Kong!

Hydroponics and Aquaponics in Hong Kong and in Mars

Learn all about hydroponics gardening. Grow fresh vegetables using 90% less water than typical gardening.

Insect Proteins

Discover innovative products in the food and agriculture tech space and learn about future foods.

Trash to Treasure

HK throws away 43,000 tonnes of drink cartons each year, enough to fill 17 sports Stadiums in just one day.

Meet the Speakers

All our speakers and facilitators are key leaders in the field of sustainability.
See the full list over on our Speaker & Facilitator page!

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Grow, Eat, Dispose.