GreenFest by Hysan

To engage our next generations to take positive action towards a more sustainable future.

Hysan Development is partnering with Rooftop Republic to launch the second GreenFest by Hysan with the theme for 2020: “Close the Loop“.

Sustainable development has long been an integral part of Hysan’s culture and thinking. It places a strong emphasis not only on its financial results but also on how to maximize positive impact on the environment and community.

The Festival

GreenFest by Hysan is an annual event to engage and inspire our new generations to take affirmative action towards a more sustainable future. The event brings together young people and top change-makers from across Hong Kong to immerse themselves in a different sustainability-related topic each year.

In its second edition, the GreenFest 2020 theme is to “Close the Loop” – finding innovative and creative solutions for individuals and industries to pave the way towards a circular economy.

Rooftop Republic Logo

Rooftop Republic Foundation

Rooftop Republic Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to building inclusive communities around food across Hong Kong. Through the promotion of urban farming and its benefits, we provide opportunities for education, community inclusion, and vocational training.

Our mission is to work closely with local schools to provide farm-based education programmes related to food and sustainability; nurture cohesive neighbourhoods through the participation of disenfranchised groups, the elderly and the youth in community farms; and provide opportunities for vocational training and job placements for marginalised communities.

Thus, bringing awareness around the multiple benefits of urban farming to a larger and more varied group of beneficiaries, thereby increasing its impact and efforts towards creating a more sustainable and inclusive city.

Hysan logo

Hysan Development

Hysan Development is a leading property investment, management and development company in Hong Kong, with a portfolio of more than 4.5 million square feet of high-quality office, retail and residential properties. Operating primarily in the city’s prime retail/office district of Causeway Bay, Hysan is focused on delighting our customers and providing investors with outstanding returns.

Tickets cost HKD 80 per pax for the full weekend event.
Enjoy an early bird price at HKD 50 per pax until 31st October.
Each ticket entitles you to attend all panel discussions in the morning and afternoon workshops.
This is an online event. Please follow the link to register.