Circular Economy through
Innovation & Tech

Sun 29th Nov | 11:15am – 12:00pm

Paving the Way to a Circular Economy through Innovation & Tech

Sunday 29th Nov 2020 | 11:15am – 12:00pm

Now is an exciting time to be an innovator! Business, as usual, is no longer an option and companies are taking action in steering business to a new and sustainable paradigm. Technology and innovation are at the root of this movement leading the way for more regenerative and effective solutions that can not only provide a competitive advantage to businesses but ultimately pave the way for a new direction for the good of our planet.

In this panel, we discuss innovation and technology with some exciting innovators and change-makers in Hong Kong.

Panel Moderator

Cesar Harada Portrait

Cesar Harada

Cesar is a Senior Lecturer for the Design+ Bachelor of Arts and Sciences Programme. He teaches design with a focus on social & environmental impact.

Panel Speakers

Ada Yip Portrait

Ada Yip

Ada is CEO of Urban Spring, a startup with a mission to reduce single-use plastic bottles consumption through building water refill stations.

Kira Matus Portrait

Kira Matus

Kira’s primary research & interests include the intersection of innovation, sustainability science & public policy on sustainable systems.

Natalie Lung Portrait

Natalie Lung

Natalie Lung is the Program Manager for Brinc’s Food Technology Accelerator Program, empowering entrepreneurs everyday.