Rethink Our Food

By 2050 we will have 9 billion people on Earth, three quarters of whom in cities.

To feed all these mouths ‘business-as-usual’ is no longer an option. We will need to fundamentally reconsider the way we grow, consume and even think about our food to ensure a secure and healthy future for all people and the entire planet.

“Business as usual” is no longer an option and major transformations in agricultural systems, rural economies and our management of natural resources are needed.

How do we build a healthy, sustainable and fair food system?

How can we feed an evergrowing population?

How can technology and innovation lead us to a better future of food?

innovative hands on workshops !


This immersive and hands-on experience will bring together high-school students from across Hong Kong to explore the future of food.

Through a series of workshops, demonstrations and talks, youth will dig into the issues surrounding our food system while exploring solutions and innovations to (re)connect with food and define the value, role and place of healthy and sustainable food in tomorrow’s urban societies.

The weekend’s activities are aligned with the main phases of our food systems and our food’s life cycle, from farm, to dinner table, to waste. These sequential workshops and activities provide participants with a hands-on opportunity to rethink how we currently grow, eat and dispose our food.

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Focusing on our current food systems, our morning workshops are a great opportunity to find out about new, innovative food production systems. Learn all about microgreens, discover how easy hydroponics can be and figure out how to grow your own at home or school!

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Lunchtime sessions will reveal the secrets of ancient food systems like fermenting. You can learn just how easy and healthy plant based cooking can be and you’ll be able to discover an interesting angle on the future of insect proteins!

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Learn how to solve our ‘waste’ challenges with fun hands on workshops on upcycling, recycling and zero waste alternatives. Find out just how easy it is to help Hong Kong waste less food!